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Baby Xiumin

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030522| Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

20 Aug

Suho Interview Dump

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By: wooitstheswagking
Post date: 2003.05.22 20:13
Title: Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

①。☆name¿?───── junmyeon

②。☆DOB¿?───── 1991/05/22

③。☆go to which school¿?───── yunjung middle school

④。☆ specialty¿?───── ramyeon,fried egg

⑤。☆favorite food¿?──── everything except dishes that have everything mixed together~~

⑥。☆motto¿?──── you can achieve anything, you only have to start trying ㅋ

⑦。☆nickname¿?──── they call me butter…

⑧。☆most interesting manhwa you’ve read¿?──── naruteo*

⑨。☆neighborhood you go to most frequently?¿?──── yeoeuido why ask something so oxvious**

①ⓞ。☆someone you respect¿?──── no one yet tho

①①。☆favorite color¿?──── blue, turquoise

①②。☆least favorite color¿?──── red ,ㅋ

①③。☆family¿?──── parents and hyung and me

①④。☆ideal type¿?──── girls ㅋㅋ

①⑤。☆favorite TV program¿?─── i watch TV a lot so i like everything

①⑥。☆my personality¿?──── whatever it is, give it a try firstㅇㅇㅇ

①⑦。☆height。blood type。left/right eye vision¿?──── height 160/ AB type/ both are minus though

①⑧。☆first thing you do after waking up in the morning¿?──── wash…

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[ENG SUB] 150626 Sehun Chen – Exploration of the World

8 Jul

120609 SMTOWN Live in Taiwan 【ASKKAI – 9P 】

30 Apr

Seoul – 창원 Myeongdong 明洞 (Beauty Haul and Food Reviews)

26 Apr


Myeongdong is definitely one of Seoul’s main shopping district. A place smacked with fashion, beauty and food from mid-high end. I like the hype, the massive number of beauty shops at every turn and every corner and how each brand displays their personality in their quaint little space. Apart from the shop houses, there are also malls like Migliore, Lotte Department Store, Noon Square, Tabby Mall and M Plaza where you can find International Brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Zara, Forever21, Daiso, Uniqlo. If I had only 24 hours in Seoul, Myeongdong is without doubt the place to go!

Korean Beauty brands there include (A-Z): Banila Co, Baviphat, Beauty Credit, Etude House, Hanskin, Innisfree, It’s Skin, Laneige, Missha, Nature Republic, Skinfood, The Face Shop, Tony Moly.

Some tips:

1) Freebies – Many travel programmes have commented that freebies are given even without purchase. However, from my experience, what are in…

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[ENGSUB] 150414 Dating Alone EP11 FULL

25 Apr

Trazy’s Survival Tips for Travelers to Korea #2 : Seoul’s Public Transportation System

16 Apr


Welcome to Seoul!

Now that you’ve arrived, how do you get around this massive city? There are three options: Bus, Taxi, and Metro. For Bus and Metro, it is recommended to use T-money items as fares are discounted 100 won (about 10 cent) per trip. In addition you are allowed up to 4 free transfers when you use T-money items.



All Credit for pictures to hikorea.go.kr

The Blue buses travel across the city and  drive through at least two districts. Green buses operate in at least one district and carry passengers to metro transfer points. Red buses are express buses connecting Seoul with the suburbs and cities surrounding it. Bus service is fast and direct, so if you need to go outside of Seoul and don’t want to take the train, take this. If you have subscribed to a local Telecom service there is free-WiFi for you. Lastly, Yellow buses…

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