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030522| Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

20 Aug

Suho Interview Dump

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By: wooitstheswagking
Post date: 2003.05.22 20:13
Title: Ju-myeo-ni 100Q 100A

①。☆name¿?───── junmyeon

②。☆DOB¿?───── 1991/05/22

③。☆go to which school¿?───── yunjung middle school

④。☆ specialty¿?───── ramyeon,fried egg

⑤。☆favorite food¿?──── everything except dishes that have everything mixed together~~

⑥。☆motto¿?──── you can achieve anything, you only have to start trying ㅋ

⑦。☆nickname¿?──── they call me butter…

⑧。☆most interesting manhwa you’ve read¿?──── naruteo*

⑨。☆neighborhood you go to most frequently?¿?──── yeoeuido why ask something so oxvious**

①ⓞ。☆someone you respect¿?──── no one yet tho

①①。☆favorite color¿?──── blue, turquoise

①②。☆least favorite color¿?──── red ,ㅋ

①③。☆family¿?──── parents and hyung and me

①④。☆ideal type¿?──── girls ㅋㅋ

①⑤。☆favorite TV program¿?─── i watch TV a lot so i like everything

①⑥。☆my personality¿?──── whatever it is, give it a try firstㅇㅇㅇ

①⑦。☆height。blood type。left/right eye vision¿?──── height 160/ AB type/ both are minus though

①⑧。☆first thing you do after waking up in the morning¿?──── wash…

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