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150322 MBC SectionTV EXO Cut

23 Mar

150322 MBC SectionTV EXO Cut.


[TUTORIAL] Using Tweetdeck and RTs A Tweet with Many Accounts at Once

5 Mar


1. Open on your browser (works best on Chrome and pls makes sure your browser is the updated one) or download the desktop app here

2. Click ‘sign in on the web’


3. You will be directed to sign in/sign up page. You can sign in using your twitter account. OR sign up for tweetdeck account, up to you.

4. Basically the interface will look like this


5. Now you can customize the decks. You can click add column at the left side and add your twitter home deck, mention deck, or even search deck.


6. Go search #신화 and make a special deck for it


7. Please click “exclude retweet” so the search wont be too crowded and confusing. Then click “Add column” to add the deck


8. Now you can add all of your twitter accounts on tweetdeck by clicking that picture at the left side. Click “add…

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